Styling your home for Halloween comes just below decorating the Christmas tree on our list of favourite home activities. But creating the perfect Halloween home is no mean feat. We’ve put together a feature-by-feature guide so you can spookify every part of your home!

The Doorway of Doom

In other words, your front door. Spook your guests and pave the way for trick or treaters with a perfectly petrifying doorstep. The possibilities are endless; a fake hand poking out of the letterbox, an array of glowing pumpkins by the door, bats and cobwebs as a frame… Let your imagination run wild! For a less scary approach, autumnal colours and pretty wreaths, as well as the obligatory Halloween pumpkin, give a stunning seasonal look.

The Scare-case

Or the staircase to you and me. If brave adventurers dare to enter the doomed door, they’ll be met with a fright! As they climb the “scare-case” their path could be paved with ghosts and ghouls on the bannisters and lit by the faintest of flickering candle light. Creepy!

The Feast of Fear

For the rest of the year, we like to think of this as the kitchen. As the hub of the home, the kitchen is a natural place for all your little monsters to gather. This is the perfect venue for apple bobbing, and for making your dinner of eyeballs (peeled grapes), worms (spaghetti) and brains (marshmallows).  A skeletal guest could become a new dining companion and there’s so much scope for table centrepieces. Again, everything’s spookier with a little bit of candlelight.

The Windows of the Weird

Weird and eerie happenings are often seen through windows, so this is the perfect place to let your creativity shine. Ghostly window stickers are perfect for making passers-by jump, and, for an interior scare, hanging some spiders or cobwebs from curtain rails is always a hit.

The Scream-ling

Of course, this is the ceiling when we’re not preparing for Halloween. The Scream-ling is the perfect place to give your intrepid guests an unexpected fright. Low hanging cobwebs, bats and spiders are the perfect way to send chills down their spines and glow-in-the-dark stickers will make everything that little more phantom-like.


So, what are you waiting for? Your perfect Halloween home is just a witch’s broomstick away! If you’re stuck for places to decorate, the Halloween lovers at Mishon Mackay are experts in meeting the needs of each of our clients and we’re always happy to help you find your next haunted (or not) house. Get in touch today!