Today, we meet Jordan Mackay, Lettings Director at Mishon Mackay. Jordan has been working in the property industry for over ten years. She started her career within Mishon Mackay as a lettings negotiator, and quickly realised property management and the ever-changing legislation was the area of the business she excelled in. After qualifying at Level 3 with ARLA, Jordan’s knowledge is second to none and she regularly attends courses to ensure her department is one step ahead.

What do you feel is the most important part of property management?

There are a number of things about property management which a lot of people don’t prioritise when dealing with both landlords and tenants. It isn’t just about dripping taps and boiler faults. What we have to remember as property professionals is that we are dealing with people, just like you and I. Managing a tenancy, whether that be for a tenant or landlord, has to be dealt with giving the utmost consideration to their journey. For landlords, protecting their asset and ensuring their legal obligations are met have to come first. For tenants, their safety and enjoyment of the tenancy is paramount. Things like integrity, honesty, great communication and fantastic customer service at all times is vital and non-negotiable.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Mishon Mackay?

I am so proud to work for Mishon Mackay. It’s in my blood! The business is run with a family feel, and as an employee you matter! We have so many aspects to the business which enable us to continue being the leading local agent in the city. Our brand is strong and the company reputation is one that we should all be proud of and continue working hard to improve. Being able to offer a number of different services under the one umbrella gives me the confidence to advise clients about their position in the property market – whether that be purchasing a plot of land, offering advice as to how we can improve a yield, or providing competitive quotes for removals or maintenance, we have someone to help.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I have recently travelled around Australia and could totally imagine myself living in Sydney or Melbourne with the sun constantly shining, BBQs on the go and cricket everywhere I turn! But I am a creature of comfort and moving to the other side of the world might be a step too far for me. I am currently looking at purchasing my first property, which is encouraging me to look at a number of local areas where I hadn’t previously considered living. Having worked in Brighton for so long, though, I have completely fallen in love with the modern vibe of the city, as well as the being by the sea – not that I ever get in! It’s very pretty to look at though, come rain or shine.

Jordan is an integral part of not only her property management team and the lettings team but the whole company. Her expertise in lettings and law offers guidance and support to all her colleagues as well her clients.

The lettings team at Mishon Mackay can help you let your property.  If you’d like any advice on lettings or property management, you can contact Jordan Mackay at or call 01273 647713.