Having a professional photographer come in might seem like an extra (and unnecessary) cost to some people but we think it can be a really important step in selling your home. We’ve collated some useful tips from our years of experience to prepare your house for a professional photographer.  Even if you’re not planning on selling your house just yet, the beautiful weather means it’s the perfect opportunity to get bright photos – showing your house off in its best light.

Chris Thew, Branch Director at our Dyke Road office, said: “Professional photography is very important in a competitive market – you want to make your property stand out. The industry has moved more towards online marketing, so good quality photos are essential when selling a property.”

We know that once you start thinking about home improvements, it is often difficult to know when to stop. First thing’s first, let’s get started with the essentials that relate to every room. Give everything a good hoover and dust. Replace bulbs in any broken lights, tie back any electric cabling and remove any family photos. (If your property is going to be listed online, you might not want these personal photos shared). It’s important for people viewing to imagine your home as their own, and if it’s a blank canvas this will be much easier to do.

With the basics covered off above, we then asked our professional photographers for their key guidelines (and added in some of our own). They are as follows:

The outside

This needs to have kerb appeal – if it doesn’t look appealing from the outside, people might not see past this and venture in.

  • Ensure that all windows have been cleaned (inside and out)
  • Remove any mess from the exterior – old plant pots or barbecues should be removed
  • Make sure the grass is cut and any unsightly weeds are pulled

This property is well maintained and has excellent kerb appeal


Often the kitchen is the heart of the home, where families come together to enjoy meals. Whilst this might be one of the busiest rooms, it’s important that it looks clean and welcoming.

  • Always clear away anything in the sink and drainer
  • Clean all surfaces including work surfaces and cabinets
  • Ensure bins are emptied

This home looks warm and inviting. The bold wallpaper works well with the spotless kitchen

Living room/dining room

Again, this is likely to be one of the most used rooms within a home, so it’s important you do it justice. Keep it as tidy and as neutral as possible.

  • Keep ornaments and any other things like cards, newspapers and remotes tidied away
  • All mirrors should be polished, as well as any furniture, e.g. TVs and side tables
  • Arrange throws and cushions neatly on sofas

This property has a bright, minimalistic living room.


A bedroom is a sanctuary to rest and relax in, and a purchaser needs to feel like they could do the same.

  • Beds need to be made (neatly) and pillows plumped
  • Make sure there isn’t anything hanging on the back of the door – you want the door to open properly and you don’t want it to look cluttered when inside and closed
  • Check you can’t see anything under the bed

This bedroom is clean and tidy with neutral accessories.

Bathrooms and toilets

It’s always nice to walk into a well looked after bathroom – light a candle, keep the door and window open and ensure no one is using the shower whilst the photographer (or person viewing) is round!

  • Make sure all surfaces are clean and watermark free.
  • Remove everything and then dress the room with any fancy toiletries
  • Make sure the towels match and are clean and folded

This bathroom is lovely and bright, with some simple toiletries and flowers on display.

If you’re considering selling your property, get in touch with your local Mishon Mackay office where we can guide you through the process and even recommend a photographer. If you’re looking for some more quick fixes, we’ve written some steps to help you sell your home too.