Today we meet Jon Dixon, a Saturday Assistant in our Hove office who has worked for Mishon Mackay for the last four years. Jon, also known as Dame Dixon, a panto dame, is becoming more and more popular here in Brighton!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Mishon Mackay?

The team here are so supportive. This job is perfect for me as I spend my weekdays auditioning for parts, and then Saturdays working here. I love having a look around people’s houses and I can have a laugh with my clients. My team are lovely and are genuinely excited about what I do outside of work as a panto dame. A few years ago I spent eight weeks on tour as a ringmaster and I always have December off for panto. When I’m not working as a dame, I also take part in medical role play for The University of Sussex medical students. I have to pretend to have something wrong with me and they have to work out what it is. I also love to organise events with the team – last year we organised a Murder Mystery night. I love to be busy!

You might also recognise Jon from appearing on ITV’s The Chase yesterday:

What was it like appearing on The Chase?

It was incredible! Bradley was lovely. I thought there might’ve been some green screens or something there but the set looks exactly as it does on TV! I went first which I really wanted and ended up winning £6,000 for the team. It was really nerve-wracking as you don’t want to look silly but we did well and they loved me being a dame. The three of us each won around £6,500 which was amazing!

Jon is an integral part of the Hove office and loves working with his clients. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Hove area, make sure you call 01273 821 800.

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