Brexit – it’s all we seem to be hearing at the moment, especially in our field of work. Are you thinking of moving? Our MD Alex Mackay shares his thoughts on Brexit and what it means for the property market.

“I have seen many different markets during my 40-year career but never one like this. It was only reasonable that people should wait and see the outcome of our government’s Brexit negotiations, but now, with things as they are, I think we must get on with our lives

Moving to a new house is an important part of life whether you’re downsizing, making room for a new family or fancy a change. Whilst many of us have put the brakes on whilst we wait and see what will happen, our professional bodies and local associations, myself included, believe that we must forge ahead with plans.

There are plenty of economic indicators suggesting strength and stability, so if you’re looking for some professional advice, please contact our team who will get you the very best price for your home.”

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