We’re helping three girls get to Borneo! A few weeks ago, three local girls – Charlotte, Alice and Maddie – got in touch with Steve Neocleous, Hove Branch Director, to ask for sponsorship to help them improve the lives of a local community in Borneo.

The girls came into the Hove office to collect a cheque.

The girls, who are Year 9 students at Hove Park Secondary School, need to raise over £4,000 each to get themselves there. They’re doing everything you could think of – dog walking, babysitting, car washing, supermarket packing, selling at car boot sales and organising cake sales – in order to raise enough money.

One of the girls, Maddie said “Raising over £4,000 pounds each can be pretty scary, but we’ve got 16 months, so we’ve set up a weekly team target of £200. If we do some dog walking, baby sitting, car washing and something big like a cake sale every week, we’ll get pretty close.”

Once the students raise enough funds to get to Borneo, they’ll be planting trees, building new classrooms or vital facilities and helping to improve healthcare and sanitation.

Steve Neocleous said: “It’s a wonderful thing that these girls are doing and they’ve shown great initiative asking local businesses for help. My own daughter took part in something similar a few years ago, and the difference they made was incredible.”

So far, the girls have raised over £1,500 between them and have 16 months left to get their sponsorship together

We’re really pleased to support these local girls who are helping a community build facilities that we often take for granted. If you’d like to support the girls too, follow their Facebook page here where you can find out more information.