Our Land and New Homes team think it’s important to have fantastic imagery to go alongside any new development – after all, the photos are a key factor in selling a home.

Photography is a significant part of our industry. A great photographer can bring to life your property and show it off to its full potential: from imaginative angles, alternative compositions to subtle lightings. The main aim for any developer or seller is to market a property in the best way possible, to generate a sale at a good price for both parties.

Chalkers Rise, Peacehaven

Buying and selling homes is probably one of the biggest financial decisions any person will make in their lifetime, which is why our New Homes team believes every property deserves eye catching, magazine-quality images.

So what do our Land and New Homes team do to ensure the photos are excellent? Julie Frith, New Homes Director, said: “We have to really understand just what it is that the developer is trying to portray. The difference between residential properties and brand new properties is that no one has ever lived here before, which means it’s empty of any furniture. This is why we will often have a show home on site, complete with furniture, so that our photos, and in turn people viewing, get to see what the property is like as a real life home.”

Julie said: “Our photographers use lots of techniques – from traditional photography to aerial drone footage. All of these powerful factors really bring to life the qualities of the home and the area it’s located in.”

Julie said: “We like to mix things up and if a property has lots of windows and excellent lighting, a twilight shoot will help emphasise this.”

Belton Road, Brighton

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