We started using Trustpilot back in 2017 and have recently upped our TrustScore from 9.6 to 9.7 out of 10 which gives us a five star ‘excellent’ rating. So why do we use it? Natasha Hunt, our Digital Marketing Executive, said: “We think it’s a great way for people to honestly review our services, and to let others know why you might choose to work with us. Most of us wouldn’t buy a car or book a holiday without reading a review first, so why should buying or selling a house – one of the biggest financial decisions a person is ever likely to make – be any different?”

We believe that the security of knowing someone else’s experiences really encourages other people to use our services. We’ve been in the industry for over thirty years, so our reputation is important to us. Why not have a read of some of our reviews here.

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