Are you a first-time buyer? Seico Mortgages answer some of their most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying a property for the first time. 

I’m a first-time buyer and don’t know where to start. Can I get a mortgage? 

All we need is an initial ten minute chat to get a quick overview of your situation and we can give you an indication of what would be possible. The process can be confusing especially for first-time buyers but we help you understand what is required in simple terms without resorting to lots of jargon.

I am 20, what is the longest term I can get on a mortgage?

Lenders will typically offer 35-40 years maximum.

If you’d like to know more about applying for a mortgage or find out which product is best suited to you, call Seico Mortgages on 01273 715 874 or send them a message via our website.