No two houses are the same; even two properties on the same street have things that distinguish them from one another.

On paper, they might have exactly the same provision, both well maintained and with identical floor plans. Yet one is winning in terms of popularity with potential buyers, whilst the other is struggling to get a viewing. Why?

The right choice

The estate agent you choose to market and sell your home is of huge importance, as it can be the difference between your property selling and watching it stagnate on the market. When you invite an agent into your home for an appraisal, you should consider it as your time to interview them for the prestigious role of selling your home – yet many sellers just listen to what the estate agent has to say, rather than putting them in the hot seat.

By choosing a bad estate agent, it could even end up affecting your health, with building stress and frustration resulting in poor sleep, headaches, and long drawn out issues. If you need to sell quickly, yet choose the wrong agent, you may even end up with two mortgages while you wait for your home to sell, which could mean huge costs. Moreover, if you add that to the cost of reducing your home’s selling price, going with a bad agent could losing out on tens of thousands of pounds.

Don’t be swayed by numbers

Numbers are very appealing, especially when you are told you can achieve a higher sale price than expected. But be realistic: research the current market to get a feel for how properties are selling and note that any good agent will have undertaken thorough research too. If your property is priced too high it may put off buyers wishing to view your property; in the long run, this can hinder the sale of your home.

The longer your home is on the market, the less attractive it becomes, as people start to wonder what’s the matter with it. Initial marketing may have seen a flurry of people through your door, but if an agent is not proactive in sustaining the interest in your property, viewings can dwindle or even cease altogether.

If you want to achieve the highest possible price for your property yet, due to lack of interest, your agent has asked you to reduce the price (then reduce some more), this will only attract cheeky offers, as opposed to competitive ones. This is because buyers will think no one is interested in your property and that it’s not worth the value stated, so will offer the lowest amount they can.

Sustainable marketing

Before the ink has dried on your property details, your agent should already be marketing your home. They should be identifying potential buyers registered with them and putting together a marketing strategy that is regularly reviewed and adapted, while listing your property on the major portals.

Your agent’s marketing strategy should never be an initial push and then ‘see how it goes’; they should continue to provide a sustainable and proactive approach as long as your home is on the market.

When you instruct a good agent, you can be assured of honest and constructive advice, whether that’s on how to present your home for sale, or the guide price they suggest. A good agent won’t want to just get your listing, but ensure your property is sold quickly for the best possible price without using offers or gimmicks.

Experience the difference the right estate agent can make when selling your home and minimise the stress you could feel by choosing the right agent for you.

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