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Expert mortgage advice: part 1

Here at Mishon Mackay, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice, which is why we work with Rob Starr, CEO of Seico Insurance & Mortgages Ltd. for all our mortgage expertise. This blog marks the first of a series of posts where Rob will offer his insight on why it’s more important than ever to use a mortgage broker now, rather than go direct.

The bank of Mum and Dad

This month Rob Starr, CEO of Seico Insurance & Mortgages Ltd, offers his insight into the Bank of Mum & Dad:
We have a new mortgage lender in town, and it goes by the name the “Bank of Mum & Dad”. It is apparently now the sixth largest lender in the country. It’s funny because I always wanted to start a bank, I just never realised my only customers would be my children!