What you need to know: equity release mortgages

At Mishon Mackay, we know how stressful it can be understanding the different types of mortgages available. It’s important you’re making the right decision and we are here to help. We’re pleased to partner with Seico Insurance & Mortgages, who like us have more than 30 years in the business, to provide you with invaluable…

What you need to know: first-time buyer mortgages

In our latest video, Managing Director Alex Mackay speaks to our trusted mortgage advisor, Rob Starr, MD at SEICO Insurance and Mortgages about mortgages for first-time buyers. As a first-time buyer, we know how daunting the process can be and with so much information out there, we take you through the basics of what you…

Expert mortgage advice: part 1

Here at Mishon Mackay, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice, which is why we work with Rob Starr, CEO of Seico Insurance & Mortgages Ltd. for all our mortgage expertise. This blog marks the first of a series of posts where Rob will offer his insight on why it’s more important than ever to use a mortgage broker now, rather than go direct.

The bank of Mum and Dad

This month Rob Starr, CEO of Seico Insurance & Mortgages Ltd, offers his insight into the Bank of Mum & Dad:
We have a new mortgage lender in town, and it goes by the name the “Bank of Mum & Dad”. It is apparently now the sixth largest lender in the country. It’s funny because I always wanted to start a bank, I just never realised my only customers would be my children!