The directors of Mishon Mackay Land & New Homes have years of extensive experience in the industry and have accumulated a wealth of contacts and carefully nurtured relationships with dedicated Land specialists and New Homes consultants. As a company therefore, Mishon Mackay Land & New Homes is able to offer an exceptionally wide range of bespoke services to developers, funders and corporate bodies, and naturally adhere to a discreet and confidential agenda where needed.

These services cover a diverse array of disciplines including:

• Conception-to-completion Land and New Homes advice
• Full development appraisals
• Plot-by-plot New Homes valuations
• Independent in-depth marketing and buyer analysis reports
• Confidential off-market land sales
• Up-field and Off-plan New Homes sales
• Show Home Management
• Brochure & Marketing advice

Corporate services cover predominantly Sussex and the South East of England; however proposals further afield are always considered where an out-of-area assessment is required.



Mishon Mackay Land & New Homes firmly believes in this concept, and that schemes conceived correctly, designed well, finessed through planning and marketed correctly will be successful.

We define success by generating the maximum profit for our clients in the shortest possible time, while ensuring the financial interests of any third parties are also protected. Our skills will ensure costs are minimised and sales revenues maximised.

There are many hurdles during the process which can affect a scheme’s ultimate success. Inadvertent changes during the design and planning phases for example, over-sizing, mis-management of the sales process or the final 10% finish of the build can all have dramatic effects.



Whether you are buying or selling, post or pre-exchange, Mishon Mackay Land & New Homes can add a layer of experience and detail that will prove invaluable.

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