Volks Railway

Savour a sunny day at the beach with a ride on the world’s first public electric railway. Created by British electrical engineer Magnus Volks in the late nineteenth century, the Volks Railway still runs along the Brighton seafront for over one and a quarter miles between the Marina and Kemp Town Village, and can carry up to eighty passengers at a time. Visitors can ride the railway between Easter and September.


Brighton Marina

The Brighton Marina holds the formidable title of being the largest marina in Europe and one of the largest in world! The marina can hold over 1200 boats and yachts, and is a popular location for boating enthusiasts from all over Brighton and the surrounding areas. However, the Marina offers more than just a waterfront harbour – with its fantastic array of shops, restaurants and entertainment, the Marina is an excellent place to spend a day out shopping and sampling the fine local fare.


Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Located next to the Royal Pavilion, the popular Brighton Museum and Art Gallery offers some of the UK’s most interesting and colourful art and historical collections. Many of the collections reflect the city’s royal past, including a fascinating fashion and furniture exhibitions, but the museum also offers modern art plus a wide variety of temporary exhibitions, so there is sure to be something for everyone.


Brighton Festival

The Brighton Festival is an unsurpassed celebration of the arts, and holds claim to the title of largest and boldest arts festival in the UK. Performers from all over the world flock to the Brighton Festival to put on shows of all kinds, from theatre, music, dance, arts, film, literature, and other creative events for people of all ages. The festival takes place for three weeks every May, and is held in venues all across the city. This groundbreaking celebration of the arts should not be missed!


The Lanes

Right in the heart of Brighton, just a few short steps away from the Royal Pavilion, lie the twisting alleyways of the Lanes. Packed with chic independent shops, stylish cafés and award-winning restaurants, the Lanes offer something for every sophisticated shopper with discriminating taste. Savour a fresh coffee while listening to street musicians play live jazz – a wonderful way to spend any long afternoon.