One of our objectives at Mishon Mackay is to make the process of searching and applying for a mortgage much simpler for you.

For many of us applying for a mortgage can be a daunting and frustrating experience; particularly in the current economic climate where mortgages are ever harder to obtain and are now considered to be the most difficult part of the house buying process!, - due to lender criteria and policy tightening considerably over the past 7 years, and even more so following the Government’s introduction of the “Mortgage Market Review” policy (MMR) in April 2014.

Therefore receiving advice to help you choose the right mortgage has never been more necessary and is probably one of the most important decisions you will need to make when buying a new property.

A mortgage is often one of the largest financial commitments that you will undertake, so choosing the right one requires careful consideration.

We work in partnership with Sussex Mortgage Services. They are our 'in house' Independent Mortgage Advisers, who will search the whole market and use software which provides access to lenders across the UK, resulting in impartial advice and delivery of competitive rates.

Whether you are seeking a mortgage for your new home or investment property, or simply wish to review your existing mortgage to determine its competitiveness.

Sussex Mortgage Services offer the experience and resources to help you find the one that best matches your needs and circumstances.

As part of the most comprehensive advice network in the UK, they also have access to many exclusive products that are not generally available to other advisers or high street lenders.


Sussex Mortgage Services

Call: 01273 906 706