With Glenn’s passing a month or two behind us, one of his colleagues has had occasion to put pen to paper. We thought we would share it with our friends.

Glenn Mishon did not ever just enter a room – he made an entrance, and his arrival each day at the offices of Mishon Mackay was without doubt his cue for curtain up. Since the day Mishon Mackay opened for business in 1987, Glenn excelled at delighting and charming his public – his clients, his employees, his business colleagues and even his rivals, not to mention a substantial number of celebrities – not only with his natural warmth, but also with his commitment and his effortless ability to mix business with pleasure.

These special gifts inspired great loyalty in those Glenn came into contact with. As the company he founded with his partner Alex Mackay grew from its first office at Church Road into a network of six across Brighton and beyond, the seemingly limitless friends of Glenn, or FOGs, as they were known affectionately at Mishon Mackay, became legendary. Occasionally even Glenn himself couldn’t remember when he had met them, and his staff, announcing their calls or impromptu visits to his office were sometimes met with an anxious whisper of ‘Dolly, how do I know them?’

Glenn was president of the BHAEA in 1996, a role he treasured, and was thrilled to receive its Lifetime Achievement Award. Glenn died in 2012 as Mishon Mackay celebrated its 25th year in business, but his greatest joy – other than his devotion to the Seagulls and to the golf course – was his family. He delighted in the times he spent with them, and especially in his love for his wife Barbara and their new grandson William. His happy family life was without doubt what he regarded as his greatest achievement.