Mishon Mackay Moulscoombe Boxing Club Sponsorship


One of the great things about working for Mishon Mackay in Kemp Town, is that you really get involved in people’s lives, and you can really make a difference.

This is also very much the case when it comes to coaching young people, which I very much have the pleasure of doing over at Moulsecoomb Amateur Boxing Club.

Over the last nine months or so, I have had the pleasure of being involved with the coaching of 9 year old Leo Peter Lea.

I spoke to Leo, as he was proudly wearing his Mishon Mackay t-shirt.

Leo lives and goes to school in Saltdean, and has tried a few different sports. Karate, Judo and swimming to name a few. Although Leo really enjoys his swimming, boxing is where it is at.

Leo’s mum Choisann, heard about the great reputation that Moulsecoomb has, so decided to bring Leo and see how he got on.

Moulsecoomb Amateur Boxing Club has a great community and spirit and Leo fitted straight in. I noticed last night, when working on the pad’s with Leo, how much his focus and concentration had improved as he pounded the pads, and this change can be taken into school so Leo can focus more in the class room as well as the gym.
Leo is a very well respected member of the gym, and has a great personality and demeanor, it is a real pleasure to be involved with his training.

The club itself is just getting back into action after the Christmas break, with Nick and Matt Bell hatching some cunning plans to take the world of amateur boxing by storm in 2013. Bring it on boys, and girls.

An epic year is in the promising!!!!!!

Paul Bott, Senior Negotiator, Mishon Mackay Kemp Town