West Blatchington Primary School


During 2012/13, Mishon Mackay set out to raise £25,000 to celebrate our 25 years in business. On Friday 25th October 2013, Marc Cox (director) Chris Thew and Tina Templeman (branch managers) and Mary Jayne (HR Manager)  once again visited the children in the Autism Centre at West Blatchington Primary School to see how they had spent the money we had previously raised for them. 

We visited the sensory room where some of the money had been spent on new equipment which helps them focus and be ready for learning.

The money also enabled them to have a two night residential trip away to Blacklands Farm where the children were able to take part in a vast amount of activities, from abseiling to cooking dinner to archery and lots of other outdoor activities. 

The teaching staff told us that there are still some items they would like to buy to improve their sensory room and perhaps even have another trip back to Blacklands Farm.  Therefore we were delighted to be in a position to give them another cheque for two thousand five hundred pounds.

The visit brought home for us all just how worthwhile fundraising is.  It has really made a difference to these childrens day to day lives and has helped them with overcoming their learning difficulties.

Mishon Mackay would like to thank all those who kindly donated during 2012/13.  Without you we would not have achieved what we did.  Thank you.WBS (2)