How to improve the sale appeal and property value of your home this winter


With the joys of spring and summer still a few months away, the current climate here in the south east remains one of wind, rain and occasionally snow. As we have previously written, now is a fantastic time for buying and selling property. However, with the days still short and dark, it can be difficult to present your property at its best to potential buyers.

At this time of year – vitally, might we add – there is no shortage of literature providing tips for winter vendors. Using our experience as one of thebest known estate agents in Brighton and Hove alongside some of the most relevant advice from others, here are some tips on how to improve the appeal of your property for sale.

The majority of tweaks and preparation tasks you can undertake are subtle and in some cases reasonably obvious. On a viewing, an absolute minimum is to make sure your property is warm and well-lit for your visitors. By lighting candles and making sure the heating is on your home will be more inviting which will encourage potential buyers to spend more time seeking out its benefits.

Awell-lit home is a transparent and accessible one. Leaving areas dark could be misconstrued as the seller trying to hide something negative and is likely to arouse suspicion among property viewers.

What’s more, the garden may be one of the property’s top selling points, but its value could be lost if you’re selling in winter. Draw attention to your garden with lights or additional decoration to try and help buyers envisage what it may look like come the summer.

As well as organising the chaos known as clutter inside your home, clearing the decks outside the property is also important. Cluttered gutters, dead leaves, debris and litter are all common problems and can be remedied with a minimum of fuss. Clear and inviting paths and entrances to your property will impress any visitors and, as they say, first impressions last the longest – so make sure yours are good ones.

If you are carrying out a winter viewing during the day, make sure you maximise natural light. Open the curtains and blinds and dare we say a few windows to circulate some air and keep everything smelling fresh. Smell is all important and bad odours can be extremely noticeable and off-putting to property visitors.

By making your property more appealing you’re more likely to attract an offer sooner, allowing you to get business done early so you can enjoy the spring and summer months of 2015!

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