Preparing for a viewing – the top tips


It’s been proven on many occasions that a smooth and well-managed house viewing can really increase sellers’ chances of finding a buyer. In essence, if your home keeps buyers interested and excited after a viewing, you are more likely to receive an offer of your asking price or above.

A successful house viewing can really help to speed up the sales process as prospective buyers decide once and for all whether the property is right for them or not. With this in mind, here at Mishon Mackay we have come up with a short list of things you can do to ensure a slick operation.

Kitchen central

For more and more people the kitchen is now the most important room in the house. The place for baking, cooking and socialising will be a major selling point for many would-be buyers. As such, it’s crucial that your kitchen is well-maintained, clean, homely and aesthetically pleasing. It could be a deal-breaker.

Let there be light

It helps showcase the best attributes of your property and it costs nothing, but maximising light is something sellers often overlook. It is easily achievable by opening curtains/blinds to allow natural light in and helps to provide a warm and vibrant vibe that will appeal to prospective buyers.

My house is your house

Those viewing your property will be eager to explore everything in great detail. This could, after all, be their new home and they’ll want to be absolutely certain it feels right. It’s therefore vitally important that you make them feel at home and allow them to analyse every nook and cranny if they so wish. Keep things friendly, light-hearted and informal and be on hand in case the prospective buyers want to ask you any questions directly.

Make the most of your outdoor space

Your outdoor space, whether it’s a massive garden or a small patio area, can be a key part of your estate agent’s sales pitch. As with the rest of the house, making it as attractive and well-maintained as possible will increase your chances of securing a sale.

Say no to clutter

Whilst quirky items and knick-knacks can be charming, too much clutter will not go down well with buyers. They need to imagine the property as their own, which is less likely to happen if there is too much individuality on show. On the other hand, a fine balance needs to be found – remove everything and you run the risk of your house looking bland and characterless.

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