Egg-cellent Boundary Road Adventure


Last Saturday, the 11th of April was prize giving day for the lucky winners of Boundary Road’s recent Easter egg hunt. Alex Mackay, of Mishon Mackay, and Sarah Dare of “How Dare She” handed out the chocolate eggs to the delighted winners who were terribly excited about their eggs-tra Easter Egg windfall.

Sarah commented, “The How Dare She event was a great success as we had over 160 people doing the Egg Hunt. The retailers involved responded really well with lots of positive feedback from them and they were delighted with the footfall they had throughout the hunt.”

Marian E Tipler from Extra Time Charity Shop said on our Facebook page; ‘We’ve really enjoyed being part of the Adventure’.

Sarah added “It’s really great to hear that the shops on Boundary Road and their staff are already talking about doing another event. Thank you so much to all the independent retailers, to Mishon Mackay and to Hyde, plus all the Easter Egg hunters for making this event such a great success.”

Melinda Clarke (Mother, egg hunter and, most importantly, local shopper) commented, “My daughter and I really enjoyed the trail and discovered some new shops”.

Jay Melton-Ball, Branch Director of Mishon Mackay’s Portslade office, said “I’d just like to say thank you to Sarah as we think she planned the event extremely well. We had lots of families who never come to Boundary/Station Road visiting the area. The fact that Sarah dressed up as an Easter bunny, giving out chocolate up and down the road, on the Saturday prior to launching the hunt really created talkability. “

Alex Mackay of Mishon Mackay added “As a company we are really keen to get involved in grass roots, community events such as these as they provide a fun, feel good factor to the community and they help to promote local businesses and the local area.”

One of the staff at Mishon Mackay’s Portslade office, John Hill, loved it because “it was a great idea and my kids enjoyed the hunt and the chocolate that Mishon Mackay gave us!”. As for George Wayne, the youngest member of the Mishon Mackay team, he felt that “just seeing the smile on the kids’ faces was rewarding enough for me”.