The importance of completing odd jobs when selling property


As we all know, you have a much greater chance of selling your home if it looks in tip top condition. Would-be buyers will be attracted to properties that are clean, homely and aesthetically pleasing.

This is much more likely to happen if you get all those small (but vitally important) tasks out of the way. Tasks that have probably been placed on the backburner because they are considered too unimportant.

However, these odd jobs are much more crucial than you might think. At Mishon Mackay, we know it’s often the small things that can make or break a house sale. If prospective buyers view a property that is well-maintained and presentable, the prospects of an offer being placed are bound to go up.

Odd jobs might include DIY tasks that you’ve never quite got round to finishing, it might be a room that looks a little tired and could do with a fresh lick of paint or it might simply be something small or minor that needs replacing or repairing. All these things really can make the difference for prospective buyers, though.

The kitchen, in particular, will be grateful of a bit of tender loving care. Not long ago we explained how important the kitchen is to the modern buyer in this day and age. It is now often seen as the favourite room in the house. As a result, buyers will be particularly discerning when it comes to viewing this part of the property.

Making sure your kitchen is clean, tidy and well-kept won’t take much time, money or effort. It’s simply a matter of making sure all drawers, appliances and fixtures and fittings are in fine working order, as well as giving the whole room a thorough clean to ensure a gleaming, sparkling look. Taps, handles and work surfaces can be replaced or improved at fairly low costs, and they can have a dramatic effect on your kitchen, turning it from mundane to marvellous.

Bathrooms also have significant appeal to would-be buyers. Nowadays, the sort of bathroom you’d find in an upmarket hotel – polished, contemporary, well-furnished – are very popular. This look needn’t cost the world to recreate. Make sure the shower, bath tub and toilet look brand spanking new and, if you have a slightly older bathroom, add a touch of modernity to it by installing new flooring, a chrome towel rail or new taps.

Carpet flooring in bathrooms might have been a popular trend in the 70s and 80s, but it is now most likely to be met with a frown and a grimace. To give yourself the best chance of appealing to the widest possible audience, opt instead for laminate, tiled, vinyl or rubber flooring.

The garden, too, can be transformed with a bit of clever planning and innovation. If you have garden space, really shine a light on it, especially if your target demographic is families with young children. Now we’re in October, the garden is unlikely to be seeing as much use as the spring and summer months, but it’s still worth mowing the lawn, planting a few flowers and keeping borders weed-free to make sure your garden looks as appealing as possible.

It’s also important to bear in mind that half-completed DIY jobs won’t give off the right impression to buyers. First impressions are everything when it comes to selling homes, so make sure these get finished. Poor paintwork and dirty windows just smack of laziness, too, and a sense that your property is not all that well-looked after. Remedying these little things can really help your sales pitch.

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