What are property buyers in Brighton and Hove looking for?


A recent study carried out by Santander Mortgages has revealed how gender can dictate what homebuyers are looking for.

The bank’s research found that women looking to buy a home are most focused on the space within a property, while location is often key for men. Both sexes agree when it comes to WiFi, though, with strong and reliable broadband access a must for both genders.

While it is unwise to target your property to one particular gender, the research is interesting as an indicator, as something to bear in mind when it comes to buyers viewing your property. Men may want to talk more about location, while women will want to see how spacious a home is.

Almost one in three women (31%) said space was their top priority. A further 15% put a private outdoor space as their top necessity, in comparison to only 7% of men.

On the other hand, men place more focus on location, location, location. They also tend to be more concerned with factors outside the home itself. For example, one in five male homebuyers (21%) said proximity to green space was top priority, while 35% are concerned about easy access to work and being close to reliable and efficient public transport (29%).

Although it’s important to bear in mind that this research isn’t representative of every male and female homebuyer in the country, it does give a good insight into what might go down well with men and what will go down better with women. When selling your home, factors like good transport links, access to green areas and private outdoor space are likely to come up again and again.

When it comes to the viewing, make sure would-be buyers are aware of your home’s major selling points.

If you’re selling your home in Brighton, Hove or one of the surrounding areas, you can point out the nearby green space (the gorgeous rolling hills of the South Downs are pretty much on your doorstep, for instance).

You can talk about the excellent transport links (Brighton has fast and regular services into the capital, which makes it a possible living destination for commuters) and the benefits of living in an area that is often labelled London-on-Sea.

If you have any garden or outdoor space, make a virtue of it. If your home has excellent broadband connectivity, shout out about it. If you have a home with lots of space, make this an integral part of your sales pitch.

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