Why sellers need to be aware of the festive surge


The festive period might be a time for stuffing yourselves with turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, mince pies and chocolates, watching films you’ve seen a hundred times before and playing charades for the one and only time of the year, but nowadays it doesn’t necessarily mean a slowdown in activity when it comes to property.

At least not when it comes to the surge of property buyers searching for their dream homes (often on their new tablet, phone or laptop) on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and right the way through to New Year’s Day.

Prospective buyers, taking advantage of the extra free time they have during this period, are increasingly using the festive break to browse for property. As a result, those thinking about selling their home need to be on the ball to take advantage of this surge in interest.

We only need to look at figures from Rightmove to see how popular house-hunting has become around this time. Buyer searches on Rightmove massively ramp up from Christmas Day onwards. Last year, for example, there were over 1 million visits to Rightmove on December 25, with this number rising even higher on Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Day in 2013 Rightmove said they witnessed nearly 14 million page views and more than 10,000 emails sent to estate agents. On Boxing Day, with fewer presents to be opened and less food to be cooked or eaten, page views leapt to over 25 million. New Year’s Day 2013 topped the lot, though, with over 38 million page views.

Rightmove is expected to have a similarly high number of page views and visits this Christmas. It makes sense, therefore, for sellers to consider bringing their homes to market slightly earlier to take advantage of the increased number of house-hunters.

It would seem the days of slumping down in front of the TV to watch a film, the Eastenders special or the Queen’s Speech are now being replaced by people turning to their online devices to seek out their dream home instead.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you want prospective buyers to come round and view your property while you’re enjoying Christmas or gearing up for New Year. Your home is unlikely to look at its very, very best at this time of year. It might look all festive and Christmassy, but there is also likely to be a fair bit of mess, wrapping paper, cards and relatives hanging around the place.

As a result, the prospect of trying to conduct a viewing in between Christmas and New Year won’t have significant appeal.

However, bringing your home to the market during this period is likely to generate a fair bit of interest – given the numbers that visit Rightmove – and should increase your chances of securing an early sale in the New Year.

Property browsing seems to have overtaken falling asleep in front of the fire or going for a leisurely, post-Christmas lunch walk as a popular festive activity, so sellers should be ready and prepared for this.

Get your property out there during this time and the level of exposure it is going to achieve is bound to go up.

At Mishon Mackay we understand that the internet is now often the first port of call for those searching for a new home.

As such, we do all we can to make your property stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We advertise our properties on Rightmove and OnTheMarket, but we also have a number of traditional marketing methods – including sales boards, direct mail and print advertising – to help get your home sold for the best possible price.

For more information about buying and selling property in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas, please get in touch with Marc Cox on: 01273 416732.

In addition, we have our own instant online valuation tool to give you an accurate estimate of what your property is worth in the current marketplace.