How to avoid stress when moving home in Brighton and Hove


It’s inevitable that tensions mount when you’re moving home; after all it’s often named one of the most stressful events one can go through, second, usually, only to divorce.

In fact, home removals firm Kiwi Movers recently reported a correlation between moving home and the fraying of relationships.

Its research revealed that 75% of those surveyed experienced relationship problems after moving home and that 10% of all buyers and sellers had to deal with the breakdown of their relationship following their move.

We’re not surprised people are finding moving home a stressful experience, as there are so many things to consider when upping sticks, but a lot of the stressful situations that occur can be easily avoided.

Seasoned movers become stressed for different reasons to first-time movers, according to the research.

First-time movers find adjusting to a partner’s habits frustrating, whereas seasoned movers claim that having a pre-clear out and deciding what to throw away are the biggest sources of conflict.

Here at Brighton and Hove estate agent Mishon Mackay we deal with movers on a day-to-day basis, and we find that leaving things to the last minute and failing to de-clutter are among the biggest mistakes you could make.

To ensure your relationship doesn’t fray, why not have a clear-out of your property before you place it on the market?

De-cluttering your property will not only ensure that you entice more prospective buyers, but that come moving day, you won’t have quite as much to transfer between homes.

Another scenario that can force conflict to rise to the surface when moving home is being unaware of some of the hidden costs associated with the process.

It’s likely you’ll need to pay solicitor’s fees and for removal vans among other additional costs – so it’s vital you go into the process with your eyes open and your bank account ready.

It’s also crucial when moving that you’re proactive and remain one step ahead of the game. Call utility companies in advance to ensure that your new property is set up with the necessary connections, and take meter readings before exiting the property you’re selling.

When moving day arrives, these nuisance jobs are the last thing you’ll want to do, and of course life without a TV or Wi-Fi is a real annoyance.

In a separate survey, carried out by E.ON, the biggest on-the-day stresses were perhaps a little unsurprising. Losing possessions and discovering that furniture didn’t fit topped the list.

Packing is an art in itself, and it’s crucial that each box is correctly labelled to make everything much easier when unpacking. The order in which you pack could also be detrimental to stress levels, as you want to ensure that things you use regularly are packed last, compared to older books and DVDs which can be put away for a while.

What is promising for home-movers, though, is that it seems practice makes perfect when it comes to relocating, with less than half of those surveyed experiencing relationship problems if they had already move twice before.

However, what is clear is that whether you’re a first-time mover or on your way to becoming a pro – it’s essential that you seek the assistance of a highly experienced and well-respected estate agent covering the Brighton and Hove areas.

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