Check your tenants right-to-rent in the UK mandatory since 1st February 2016 – what you need to know


Right to rent is an additional check made mandatory for all Landlords on 1st February 2016. The check is to ensure that letting agents and private landlords are renting properties to individuals who have appropriate permission to reside in the UK. There is a compliance list of different documents that can be accepted when doing this check. If a tenant/ applicant is not able to provide satisfactory proof under such government guidelines, they must be reported to the Home Office or Landlords face penalties and steep fines. The requirements will differ depending on whether the tenant/applicant is originally from in or outside the EEA (Europe)

These checks are now mandatory and can be completed easily by private Landlords and managing agents, if you have a tenancy that we manage either basic or fully, this has been done for you already. If you are an existing client this will be done for you prior to tenancy commencement without your involvement required. If you manage your own tenancy or rent privately without an agent, feel free to call me or email me for more information. We can undertake this reference for you or assist your own compliance.

If you are in any doubt about your tenants “right-to-rent” more information can be found here or contact me directly to discuss your tenancy and occupants and what to do next.

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