Tidying up the City


Land & Development is not the most glamourous of businesses. Its New Homes partner deals with the new, shiny, sexy part of the market while the land team deals with the often ‘grubby’ part of the market.

That said ‘there is something exciting about seeing an opportunity in its raw state. Seeing it’s potential and conveying this enthusiasm to the buyers’. Explains Matthew Hollywood from Mishon Mackay Land & Development.

Responsible for managing the company’s plots, barns, major refurbishments and development sites the Land & Development team also have a responsibility to tidy-up the cities unloved properties and sites.

Recent sales include run-down commercial yards, vacant storage areas and neglected garage blocks; all of which can attract undesirable attention from ‘youths’ looking for places to temporarily lodge or misbehave in. However recent sales also include perfectly good housing stock that has simply outlived its useful life; or has become isolated as adjoining properties get developed.

And whilst the later proposals are often more contentious they do allow the City to evolve. Replacing dated family homes with modern apartment schemes will never be popular with everyone however Brighton has become a resilient City because of its ability and desire to evolve way ahead of others.

Author – Matthew Hollywood – Mishon Mackay Land & Development 01273 829300 – mhollywood@mishonmackay.com