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Preparing your garden for a summer house sale


Whisper it quietly, but we’re not that far away from summer now. Spring has already brought with it better weather and longer days, with an increased focus on spending time outside.

The great outdoors becomes even more important on those long, lazy summer days, and it’s something that property sellers should place a great deal of importance on.

Prospective buyers, in particular those with young children, will be very attracted to a smart, well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing garden.

It’s somewhere where BBQs and evening drinks can be held, where the kids can run around to their heart’s content and where weekend hours can be whiled away when the weather is good and the urge to do anything but sit is very minimal.

But what can you do to help create the perfect outdoor space, something that will entice would-be buyers?

Below, using our experience as estate agents working across Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas, we outline the ways in which sellers can put their garden space at the front and centre of their sales pitch.

Make it look great

First and foremost, your garden needs to look the part. An overgrowing lawn, poorly planted shrubs and a generally tatty or shabby appearance won’t give off the right impression to buyers.

It doesn’t take much time, effort or money to make your garden look neat and tidy and it will help you to feel proud of the garden you are showing off rather than steering those viewing your house away from it.

Choose the right seating

When the summer months hit, people naturally gravitate outside. To make the most of a property’s outdoor space, it needs to be comfortable for guests, family and friends. Which is why seating is such an important consideration. If you are selling to young professionals – a demographic that is more likely than most to be entertaining and socialising outside on a regular basis – seating becomes even more vital.

Stylish, comfortable chairs can be purchased for reasonable prices if you shop around a bit, while cushions, throws and blankets can help to add to the luxury, indulgent vibe.

Invest in a good table

Eating outside becomes a more popular activity when the weather is warmer. Dining alfresco will have appeal to a wide range of demographics so, to make this possible, it’s important that you have a good-quality outside table and chairs to cater for this need.

You might already have such a table in place, but if you don’t it might be worth your while spending some money on a decent one to give your garden that extra touch of class. It might cost in the short-term, but it could make all the difference when it comes to selling up.

Think about the colour scheme

You might not think so, but getting the colour scheme of your garden spot-on is another way in which you can make it stand out from the crowd.

Earthy colours and décor are recommended, to help fit with the look of the garden. Ochres, greens, taupe’s and greys will help to give off that natural look, while getting the lighting right – flameless candles and lanterns are a good (and relatively cheap) investment – will allow you to show off your property’s best attributes.

Embrace the outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are all the rage at the moment – as trendy as craft beer and hipster beards. So if you have one, place as much focus on it as you can.

Make it your central feature. Rework and revamp your garden around it. It could be a major selling point, particularly to those buyers who fancy themselves as the next Jamie or Nigella.

For more info about how to prepare your garden for a summer sale, please get in contact with Marc Cox at Mishon Mackay on 01273 416732.

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