What to think about before you sell your house


When it comes to selling a home, many sellers think the process is as simple as putting a sign outside and waiting for buyers. We like to make the process easy here at Mishon Mackay, but we’ve been in the industry long enough to know that selling your home can be daunting, and there are a few things that need to be considered before your house goes on the market.

Can you afford to move?

Before considering a move, it’s important to make sure it’s financially viable for you. At this point, picking up the phone and having a no-obligation chat with your local agent is your best bet. We’re always happy to help in any way we can and our experts will be able to provide you with all-important impartial advice about how much your current home is worth, as well as the other financial matters you’ll need to consider later in the buying and selling processes.

Where are your papers?

Before you start getting serious about selling your home, it’s a good idea to make sure all of your paperwork is in order. You might not need it right away but it will make everyone’s lives easier further down the line if all your papers are sorted and ready to go. Things you might need include a form of paper ID, the title deeds, a property information form, proof of bills and property tax, leasehold or freehold documents and an energy performance certificate. Your estate agent will be able to advise you on what information you’ll need to gather.

Get estimates

Estimates about the price of your home and estimates about the time it will take to sell it. These will help you make important decisions about the sale and keep you sane if the process seems to be taking a long time! Our network of trusted local property professionals, along with our experience of over 30 years means that we’ll be able to help you formulate a realistic asking price when you come to put your home on the market.

Think about kerb appeal

The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see whether they’re coming for a viewing or just passing by. A home with plenty of kerb appeal is likely to get much more interest on the market. Think about landscaping your front garden or adding some greenery around the entrance, giving the front door, exterior walls and windows a quick coat of fresh paint and decluttering the driveway and outdoor space.

Clean and declutter

Getting into a good habit of keeping your home clean and tidy will help you to keep it ready for viewings when they start. Give your home a good spring clean and tidy to make sure it’s ready for visitors at all times. A lot can be said for home staging too; if your home is full of family memories and personal clutter, it’s less likely to sell. Keeping rooms neat, tidy and clutter free can help potential buyers visualise the space as their own, and make the property seem all the more ideal.

Tidy up the garden

Just like the interior, your exterior space should be kept neat and tidy to give the impression that your home is manageable and well-maintained. Make sure any trees are kept pruned and dead branches are removed. It’s also a good idea to pull any weeds, especially between patio tiles, mow the grass and give any fences a fresh lick of paint.

What’s included in the price?

Often, sellers can’t or don’t want to take certain pieces of furniture or elements with them. Be clear what is actually included in the price of your home and what you’ll be taking with you. Make sure this is understood by the estate agent you choose as it will avoid confusion when it comes to communicating with a buyer.

Keep in touch

Once you’ve established an interest in selling and have formed a relationship with your estate agent, keep them in the loop. Try to make sure you’ll be around during the selling process, as a breakdown in communication can cause deals to fall through. We know how important it is to have a great relationship with your estate agent and we believe in tailoring our services for your requirements. This relationship is just one of the ways our service is so unique compared to online and other high street agents.

With more than 30 years’ experience, we know that the process of selling your home can be a confusing and complicated task. If you’re considering selling, get in touch with the Mishon Mackay team who will always offer honest, genuine and independent advice.