Investing by the sea – there are new kids in town


Over the past six months we’ve noticed a new trend emerging and a new buyer on the block – young investors from London.

These young professionals, who are commonly already joint homeowners in their own right or live in areas where home ownership is unattainable, are now choosing Brighton and Hove as a base for their modest but swelling investment portfolios.

The surge is coming and these young hungry buyers are confident that the Brighton and Hove market will bring them the return on investment they desire. Savvy consumers, these buyers are no longer comfortable with the up-and-coming London postcodes and are unconvinced by the London market.

Looking back, we know that good quality units in central Brighton will outperform basic stock in areas where the regeneration might grind to a halt or volatile areas that have been underpinned by foreign investors.

With reports showing that property is a better investment in Brighton than in leading university cities including Oxford and Cambridge, it’s no wonder we’re seeing an increase. Entrepreneurial businesses are booming on the South Coast, the travel connections to and from London are easy to access and with the sea air to breathe in, Brighton & Hove is a great place to call home.

Taking note from their property-owning counterparts, who have already made the move to Brighton and Hove for a better lifestyle and a chance to diversify from London, these young investors from London are smart.

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