Five steps to help sell your home


So, you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home and now you need to get it ready to go on the market. But moving home is a big undertaking and you’re probably wondering where to begin. We’ve put together a guide on some of the most important steps for getting your home ready to sell – which you can try out even if you’re not looking to move just yet.


  1. Time for a clear-out

Prepare for the inevitable moving day by de-cluttering your home early on. Not only will this save some hassle later down the line, a tidier home will help prospective buyers look beyond your possessions and imagine themselves living in it instead.

A clear and spacious bedroom

This beautiful property is clean and tidy, making it feel more spacious.


  1. Small improvements and fixes

That cupboard door with the missing handle? It’s time to replace it, and anything else that needs a quick fix. Painting over any chips or marks on the walls, filling in small holes and replacing broken lightbulbs are all small improvements that can make a significant difference to the impression your home gives to someone walking in. More importantly for them, it shows there is less work for them to do as buyers.

A clean-looking living room area, clear of marks and chips

Mark and chip-free walls makes this home feel inviting and well looked after.


  1. Spring clean and spruce up

Dusty doorframes and skirtings or greasy ovens and tiling can contribute to tired-looking rooms and can be somewhat off-putting to those looking around. A professional clean can be much cheaper than you think and it does wonders to freshen up your home.

You could also consider investing in some neutral paint colours and give your walls and doors a fresh coat to brighten the place up. Replace tired-looking furnishings or accessories with quick solutions like throw cushions, rugs and plants to help lift the room.

A large, clean and shiny looking kitchen.

This home is well looked after, making it appear beautiful in real life as well as in photographs.


  1. Air your rooms out

One of the most off-putting things to prospective buyers is a bad smell. Open the windows to give rooms a good airing, and ensure problem areas such as drains, bins and ovens are clean and clear.

A large attic bedroom with windows letting in lots of natural light

This home has lots of big windows so that fresh air and light can stream in.


  1. Exterior and garden

Does your home look welcoming from the street? Kerb appeal is really important so take a good look and identify some improvements you could make, such as painting the front door or window frames and ensure that any pathways or driveways are hosed down and presentable.

If you’re not much of a gardener, keep things simple with a short lawn. Consider some potted plants for a neat and welcoming impression, and the great thing about these is that they won’t require too much maintenance.

A beautifully-kept lawn at the back of a large house

This property has an excellent, well maintained garden.


At Mishon Mackay, we excel in making properties stand out against the rest. If you would like to speak to a member of the team about arranging to sell your property, or would like to find out more about how we can give you an accurate valuation, get in touch with us today. We are launching a new department focusing on contractors, tradesmen and other professional services and suppliers to help you improve your home. For further advice about this new service, please contact Mary-Jayne Atkins on 01273 789866 or email