Our annual summer rounders event


Last night, staff at Mishon Mackay gathered together in Hove Park to play our annual game of rounders. There was great food (thanks to Beth, our HR Advisor), drinks and lots of competitive spirit too.

The teams were picked and the games began. Some of the team chose to take things a little easier at times…

Whilst others got in to the swing of things.

There was a divided opinion on the result, but we think the winning team is as follows: Damien, Theresa, Sam, Ella, Tom, Amy, Marc, Jordan, Matt, Jacob, Louis, Sue and Chris. Congratulations team, we’ll be back again next year for a rematch though!

But we all know who the real star of the show was.

Sarah Fitzgerald, our Administration Manager brought her lovely pup Baxter to visit us. You might recognise him from Bring Your Dog To Work Day where he was on hand (or paw) for lots of cuddles in the office.

It was a fantastic evening in the sun with our colleagues. If you’d like to keep up to date with all of our activities, make sure you follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.